The best things are born slowly

This website is a test for my personality–trying to stay focused on and consistent with what really interests me. I will give my all to offering a new point of view, my point of view on the world around me. Coming from Eastern Europe, studying in Western Europe, and living in Asia has already been a huge challenge for my personality. I am constantly forced to make decisions and find myself in a city of 22 million. I feel more myself than any time before. I have wonderful people around me who do not judge and who expect something from me. I am freer than I ever have been. My eyes are wide open, ready to spot beauty, ready to find perfection in this messy world. My first post should be memorable, it should speak to commitment and honesty. I want to build something that I can be proud of, so please enjoy the journey with me.

This necklace was the final push for me to start blogging. My girlfriends gave it to me with the words: “don’t be afraid to think outside the box…” and since then, I am not!


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  1. Go Cuc, go!

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